Facebook Account Settings Page | Account Settings Facebook - Reset Facebook Account Settings

Facebook Account Settings Page | Account Settings Facebook - Reset Facebook Account Settings: Interestingly, Facebook account settings, is offered by Facebook to users, to help them better manage their Facebook basic account preferences. 

Facebook Account Settings, controls your password, notifications and many more on the Facebook social media platform. 
Facebook Account Settings Page | Account Settings Facebook - Reset Facebook Account Settings
This, is where you edit or change your Facebook name, email contact details, change notifications preferences, activate Facebook mobile, as well as turn on security features. 

FB Account Settings, can either be changed or modified by the user, to better suit their preferences as they engage on the Facebook platform.

Let’s take you thru, how you can access, modify as well as reset your Facebook Account Settings.

How to Access Facebook Account Settings
To access FB Account Settings,
- Click on the three line icon
- Scroll to the bottom, and tap on “Account Settings”. From there, you can update things like;

General: This is where you can edit the basics like your name, email or password.

Security: Here, you can turn on alerts and approvals, to enable you to keep your account secure.

Privacy: You can adjust who can see your post, and who can look you up.

Timeline and Tagging: Here, you set who sees your timeline, as well as manage your photo tagging

Blocking: Manage who, and what you desire to block

Language: Select the language that you wish to use for your Facebook page.

How to Modify Facebook Account Settings 
To modify FB account settings,
1. Click on the drop-down arrow on the toolbar and choose “Settings”.
2. If you are using the mobile app, click the Menu button and choose “Settings”.

How to Reset Facebook Account Settings 
You can also reset Facebook Account Settings, to enable you to achieve a customized Facebook user experience that best suits you and your business.

Once you reset your Facebook Account Settings, you can change the way Facebook manages your privacy, notifications, apps, as well as other features, you use on a regular basis.

To Reset;

1. Scroll to your Facebook account and login

2. Click on the gear-shaped icon, in the upper right corner of your Facebook page

3. Choose either “Account Settings” or the “Privacy Settings”, options, from the drop-down list, both of which allows you access all settings.

4. You can then use the tabs to on the left-side column, of the resulting page to reset your preferences.

5. Facebook Account Settings, helps you take control of your Facebook page.

With it, you can decide what goes on your Facebook page, and better manage your Facebook page for optimum results.

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