Facebook Poke | Poking On Facebook Using Poke App

Facebook Poke | Poking On Facebook Using Poke App: Interestingly, poke symbols are just small images of a hand with a finger pointing and the name of the person who sent the poke to you. 

If for instance you have been poked on Facebook, the image will appear on your homepage.

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However. it's only you who can see the poke once you receive it. 

And depending upon your notification settings, you may also receive a notification informing you of the poke. 

Facebook Poke | Poking On Facebook Using Poke App
In addition to the standard poke, Facebook also has a poke app that enables you to send a message, photo or video that only displays for a limited amount of time such as 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds.

The recipient must also have the poke app on their phone, and these pokes cannot be seen or sent from a desktop.

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To poke someone via the poke app, do the following:
- Download the app onto your phone.

- Log into your Facebook account in the app.

- Confirm that you want to use the app under that name.

- Select “Poke a friend with a message, video or chat.”

- Type in the name of your friend or select a name from your list of contacts.

- Type in your message, and select a photo or video. If you want to add text to a photo or video, tap the screen and hold, and then type in your message or draw on the photo.

- Select how long you want the message to display.

- Tap “Send.”

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To see a poke you have received, you'll need to tap and hold the message, photo or video till the time runs out.

Note that lifting your finger from the screen will cause the message, photo or video to disappear. And when once it’s gone, it cannot be seen.

Facebook Poke | Poking On Facebook Using Poke App

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