How to Unblock Someone on Facebook That Has Blocked You

How to unblock someone on facebook that has blocked you: Looking for a guide on how to unblock someone on Facebook that has blocked you? If yes, you're in the right place.

You cannot unblock somebody that has blocked you on Facebook. When someone blocked on Facebook, you can't access the person's profile. Before you can access the profile of someone has blocked you, the person needs to unblock you and then send you a friend request which you'll need to accept. See: How to move photos from one album to another on Facebook
How to Unblock Someone on Facebook That Has Blocked You
However, let's take a brief look at how to unblock people that you've blocked on Facebook. Facebook recommend you block people that you don't derive comfort interacting with. In other words, if you have friends that do make you feel uncomfortable on the social networking site, you are advised to ban the person from seeing your profile on Facebook. See: MoveThemAll – Move Photos From One Facebook Album To Another [Chrome]

But, sometimes you may erroneously block people you never intended to block and might want to unblock them. 

How to unblock people you've on Facebook
To unblock somebody on Facebook, do this;

1. Open your Facebook account'

2. Click on the V-like icon at the top right corner of any Facebook page

3. Click Settings from the drop-down menu

4. Click Blocking in the left column of the new page that appears

5. Enter the name of the person you wish to unblock in the space under block users

6. Click the unblock button that is next to the name of the person you want to unblock.

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